Lit Exterior Building Sign Design & Installation for Calabrese in Kennett Square, PA

Sign Design & Installation for Calabrese in Kennett Square

At Insta Signs Plus, Our team recently performed a sign design & installation for Calabrese in Kennett Square. Calabrese, familiar with our expertise from previous projects, entrusted us with crafting a sign that elevates their storefront's visibility and brand identity. Our commitment to exceeding expectations starts with understanding our client's vision. We began with a comprehensive site survey of Calabrese's location, meticulously assessing factors like available space, traffic flow, and architectural style. This initial step ensured the final signage would seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment.

Next, our in-house design team developed a variety of signage concepts, tailoring them specifically to Calabrese's brand aesthetic and preferences. Through open communication, we honed in on the perfect solution: a custom aluminum hinged box sign. This design offered a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing foundation for the true star of the show – back-lit, or halo-lit, mounted channel letters. These illuminated channel letters, meticulously crafted to Calabrese's specifications, provide exceptional brand recognition around the clock. During daylight hours, the crisp, high-quality lettering ensures clear visibility. As evening approaches, the backlighting casts a warm, inviting glow, drawing attention to Calabrese's storefront and solidifying its presence within the Kennett Square community.

For an additional touch of visual intrigue, we incorporated full-color vinyl onto the base of the sign. This customization allowed us to create a captivating watercolor effect, adding a unique and memorable element to Calabrese's exterior signage. The entire installation process was conducted with efficiency and minimal disruption to Calabrese's daily operations. Our experienced technicians ensured the signage was securely mounted and flawlessly functional, leaving Calabrese with a stunning and impactful addition to their storefront.

This project of an installation of Two lit exterior building signs for Calabrese exemplifies Insta Signs Plus' dedication to providing top-tier signage solutions. We are thrilled to have partnered with Calabrese to illuminate their brand in Kennett Square, and we look forward to collaborating with them on future projects.

Location of Work Done:

Kennett Pointe
660 E Cypress St, Kennett Square, PA 19348

Sign Design & Installation for Calabrese in Kennett Square Project Details:

  • Surveyed location for signage installation
  • Developed signage concepts
  • Exterior Signage:
  • Aluminum, Hinged Box Sign with Back-Lit/Halo-Lit Mounted Channel Letters
  • Full-Color Vinyl on Sign Base for Watercolor effect
  • Installed all signs/vinyl on location

Photos of Two Lit Exterior Building Signs for Calabrese:

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